Hundreds of routes, 1100+ carrier members across 130 countries.

Set your own payment term and sale price.


With over 100’s routes from 1100+ carrier members across 130 countries, we carry millions of retail and wholesale voice minutes every month.

You set your payment term and sale price, post your routes and accept matches to make your deal. All deals are then sent to testing and when passed, they are sent to trade.

You will be permanently cashflowed as settlements are automated with payments in 2 hours for a fixed transfer fee of USD$20, or only USD$10 with BoTCoins and you can settle in seconds. Members receive the capital sum and receive payment confirmation email. Trades are credit insured and you can call in a payment at any time.

Bot Coin

Prepaid Voice

We’re on a mission to do things better. IMC Xpress provides superb quality voice termination at competitive prices. IMC Xpress provides the ultimate in termination by optimising our retail rate decks in over 100s of routes from 1100+ carrier from over 130 countries.

With Gold, Platinum and Silver termination levels available, we’re confident we have the right product, reach and expertise to help you get the most out of every minute.

IMC Xpress combines global VoIP connectivity with market-leading rates and a unique, self-serve portal, giving you the power to purchase DIDs and manage IPs, voice termination quality, payment methods and more, whenever and wherever you want to. All our plans come with user friendly analytics and financials, enterprise grade hardware, all accessed through our simple management portal.

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