In Bank of Telecom, members can access a suite of value-added services, helping to maximise revenues.

 All services are free to Bank of Telecom members but can be accessed by non-members for a small fee.

Increase quality and sales with traffic cleansing

Improve the stats on your route by using traffic cleansing to prevent bad calls affecting your route performance, which will help increase your quality and sales

Access CLI & NCLI test reports

Run free destination test reports showing FAS, PDD and CLI results
Run up to 10 every month with additional reports charged at US$5
The same applies for NCLI too including an audio recording of each call

Make informed decisions with voice market reports

Check the global voice market price for each of your preferred destinations
Select a market destination report for any CLI or NCLI destination, showing the price in $US for the last six months, obtained from the global market

Access HLR

  • Access the Home Location Register
  • Run one destination report up to 10,000 number per month

Raise your ASR% and build your traffic with transcoding

  • Bank of Telecom provides transcoding to all its members, which allows for the termination of all calls from different CODECs to a single CODEC.
  • For example, incoming calls from a G711, G723, and G729 call stream can all be terminated to a G729 route when using transcoding
  • Significantly raises the ASR% for the route and helps you build traffic

Access FREE voice quality reports

  • Select a voice quality report for any CLI or NCLI destination to show the ACD and ASR statistics obtained from the global market

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