Fully automated online trading and settlement system.

Best in class SMS routing platform providing optimal delivery with minimal latency.

SMS Services

Make the most of every SMS with secure, automated trading and same day settlements with Bank of Telecom®. Our SMS routing platform via our high throughput and high availability network gives you optimal delivery with minimal latency across key messaging markets.

You will be permanently cashflowed as settlements are automated with payments in 2 hours for a fixed transfer fee of USD$20, or only USD$10 with BoTCoins where you can settle in seconds.

Members can use Bank of Telecom to test their SMS direct and +1 hop route and get HLR look up reports too.

Here’s a snapshot to what benefits you can enjoy in Bank of Telecom:

  • 100’s of routes from over 200 MNO’s and SMS aggregators
  • Check global market rates
  • Set rate and automatically create deals when targets match
  • Choose your own payment terms
  • Leverage our testing solution which provides results and analysis of not only SMS delivery but false delivery detection,  message body and sender ID comparison between expected and delivered, delays in delivery and SMSC information
  • Same-day settlements including <$2000 so no cash flow issues
  • Power your mobile business with an effective way to obtain more traffic.

We’d love to discuss how we can help grow your SMS business with our global reach and unique SMS platform, so please contact us today.

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