IMCs Bank of Telecom® international marketplace for telecoms trade has revolutionised the carrier market globally.

Carrier members gain instant access to a global market of 15m live prices from 1,000’s of carrier worldwide and these prices are ranked for every network operator. Trading voice and sms routes become a near real time automated process enabling commercial teams to trade the best priced, highest quality routes permanently.

Supported by our Super NOC we have changed the way the industry manages its international traffic by sharing back individual tests results and traffic monitoring statistics for every network operator in the world to every carrier in the world. Meaning each of our partner now has a global market view of every destination call and sms performance permanently.


The Benefits

Instant market access to the wider carrier market and market view of 15m plus prices and the ability to increase margins and make sales in near real time at improved service levels with faster connectivity and shorter connectivity chains supported by the Super NOC allowing Network Management teams ensure global service quality whilst our use of Fx services allows fast settlements for all members. Taking into account all of the above efficiencies builds carrier reveneus at higher margins with lower overheads let us take away the challenges legacy carrier traffic trading in a heart beat.

Here’s a snapshot of the benefits you can enjoy in Bank of Telecom:
  • Fast payments
  • Improved cashflow
  • Global Market Access
  • Higher revenues
  • Higher margins
  • Lower operational costs
  • Free testing service for Voice and SMS
  • Real time Code checking for all Voice codes and SMS MNC codes
  • Trades take around a minute
  • Full Traffic monitoring provided
  • Informative Dashboard for live management


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