Bank of Telecom® delivers a powerful telco and fintech proposition to help you get the most out of today’s challenging international voice and SMS industry.

With over 100’s routes from 1600+ carrier Members across 130 countries, we carry billions of retail and wholesale voice minutes every year and hundreds of millions of SMS through our automated, online marketplace with same-day settlements.

The Benefits

This unique blend of telco and fintech enables customers to benefit from US$60 same-day settlement fees via Bank of Telecom’s FX partners Western Union and AMEX (and now only USD$30 with BoTCoins), as well as a host of other VAS to ensure your business runs as cost-effectively as possible.It’s no surprise that we see an average of 30 new Members joining Bank of Telecom every month.

Here’s a snapshot of the benefits you can enjoy in Bank of Telecom:
  • Save around $50 on bank wire fees — choose your own payment terms to trade on and any value above $300 is paid the same day – only a fixed fee of $60 to transfer
  • Improve cash flow — the combination of choosing your own payment terms and same day settlements mean that your cash flow is improved by at least 3–5 days so you don’t need to hold additional funds in your bank just to wait to settle
  • Enjoy peace of mind — all trading Members are insured to a $US trade limit advised by leading credit reference companies
  • Access over 500 rate sheets that automatically test all destinations for CLI, NCLI, FAS, PDD and audio quality
  • Trade in English, French, Spanish, Russian or Chinese in Bank of Telecom and access dedicated, multi-lingual expert account management to help you negotiate special deals, who can also speak Portuguese, Turkish, Romanian, Ukrainian and Hindi



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