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Bank of Telecom – is the international marketplace for telecoms trade; a secure, automated trading market for carrier voice, SMS and Numbering services with a unique value proposition.

We offer all our members a global marketview of all pricing for every type of voice and sms route and a comprehensive Number validation service from every destination fixed and mobile operator in the world allowing members to make informed commercial decisions in near real time.

Our aim is to connect every carrier with each other in the most effective connectivity chain possible so reducing costs and improving quality and simplifying the management of telecoms trade via one cohesive market place.


IMC is proud to work in collaboration with the international telecommunications trade forums and steering groups.

As a full member of the Global Leadership Forum (GLF) IMC/Bank of Telecom  actively collaborates with leading telecoms industry companies to improve efficiencies and secure interoperability between services providers.

As a full member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum IMC/BankofTelecom we actively participate in new technology development and trends for the SMS industry at regular tradeshow meeting and webinars.

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