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Bank of Telecom – a secure, automated trading platform for wholesale voice and SMS with a unique value proposition of same-day settlements.

With 100’s of routes from 1600+ carrier Members across 130 countries, we carry millions of retail and wholesale voice minutes every month. With same-day settlements, carriers can benefit from no cash flow issues and set up deals on your payment terms.


Internet Mobile Communications offer the international carrier a unique place to do wholesale SMS and voice business.

It’s called Bank of Telecom® and it allows you to automate your business, settle with your telecom peer on the same day but also gives you a whole host of Value-Added-Services to help you get the most out of your business.


IMC provides SME’s with cost savings from our Calling Services and new business from our SMS Marketing solutions to help promote your business.

We also provide Mobile Applications to give you an effective Web presence for as little as £100. Take one or all three of these services to help save money and promote your business more effectively.

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